The beauty of Winter in Cornwall

Winter in CornwallCold days with clear blue skies are not infrequent. There is a custom in Veryan to play rounders on the beach on Boxing Day.

Generally Cornwall is warmer than much of England; we notice that, living as we do now in Lincolnshire. With warmth, I must be honest, comes higher rain fall. Who was it who said, ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.?’

Chyrond can now cope with the winter in Cornwall admirably now we have installed central heating throughout the cottage; it makes a massive difference.

Thatched insurance sadly won’t let us have wood burner, makes sense when you think about it (!) but the cottage is nonetheless a cosy place to be after a long Winter’s walk.

Winter in Cornwall, especially Christmas in Veryan, is very special time with carolling all around and a good warming fire in the many village pubs. There is a traditional carol service in the Veryan village that has a delightful crib scene that you must go and see.

Winter in Cornwall is one of our favourite times of year I must admit!

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