Chyrond’s new secure outdoor dog run

Dog Friendly Holiday CottageFor as many years as we can remember we have had dogs in the family and they have come to Cornwall with us as the area around the cottage is just superb for long picturesque dog walks.

Our daughter and her husband also have a labrador who comes to Chyrond when they visit. Whilst the house is a dog friendly holiday cottage we have always asked that guests respectfully either crate their dogs when they go out without them or simply take the dogs along for the ride.

Not always is this a practical solution though as some dogs are not crate trained and during the hot summer months it’s just not an option to take them in the car if you want to go shopping for the day.

So we have just had a secure / lockable dog run installed around the back of the house. This really has made Chyrond a dog friendly holiday cottage as you can bring back wet and sandy dogs and instead of putting them in a crate (or trying to dry them off before they come in the house!) you can pop them in the run around the back and let the sun do the rest.

Our springer has tested the dog run and if there was a way out she would definitely find it – our resident Harry Houdini!

It’s also not a small and cramped area. It’s more than ample for two or three dogs. There is also a large shed in the dog run too for those not-to0-sunny days where the dogs might want some shelter from the rain and wind. The shed also has a lockable door so if you dog(s) are outdoor sleepers you can leave them in there for the night safe in the knowledge they are secure.

We’re really pleased to be able to offer this everyone who visits as it would be such a shame if Chyrond wasn’t a dog friendly holiday cottage being so close to the beaches and cliff walks.

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